Welcome to the Tuesday Hookah Tune Trio

hookah music, hookah tune trio logoWow that’s a mouthful.

Every week you can expect to have a new post of three songs we find particularly fantastic for smoking hookah too. So much of a relaxing hookah smoking session has to do with the environmental factors. A relaxing environment comes in all shapes and sizes whether it’s a canopy outdoors in the summer time or a warm cozy couch with a glass of steaming turkish tea. Regardless of the location we will try to provide music that is appropriate wherever you are.

The Tuesday Hookah Tune Trio is in no particular order but they all do serve one purpose: to create an ambiance fit for a narghile session. With summer just around the corner you’ll definitely want some of these songs on your iTunes playlist.

HL: 3.17.09 by Music Lover on Grooveshark

Download from these tracks from Amazon:

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