Tuesday Hookah Tune Trio: Welcome Back April Showers

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I specifically catered these tunes for your listening pleasure while sitting inside watching the rain come down.? April is one of my favorite months because it’s like the Thursday before the weekend of the summer. For those gray, rainy April days while you’re sparking up next to window or sliding door spewing warm damp air while the rain drops burst on the pavement… We’ve got your soundtrack covered.

The Beta Band Dry the Rain was popularized in the movie High Fidelity:

Rob Gordon: I will now sell five copies of “The Three EPs” by The Beta Band.
Dick: Go for it.
[Rob plays Dry the Rain]
Customer: Who is this?
Rob Gordon: The Beta Band.
Customer: It’s good.
Rob Gordon: I know.

’nuff said.

LCD Soundsystem has a great sound and this song specifically has a very rainy and smooth ease in and ease out.? If you like this track I recommend their other albums they have a very unique sound which is really refreshing without being sounding totally “out there.”? One of my favorite bands and definitely my favorite track from them.

The Gentle Rain is another track remixed by RJD2, who I mentioned last week.? This song is part of a compilation called Verve Remixed which took a bunch of classic Jazz songs and some contemporary electronic artists remixed them.? This song has a much colder feel but it’s still very relevant to right now.? Check out the Verve Remixed series if you liked this one.

See you all next week and Happy April!

HL: 3.31.09 by Music Lover on Grooveshark

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