The Hookah Bar Locator App is Here!

IMG_0055It’s been years since we’ve posted anything on the site but that doesn’t mean we forgot about you.  We’ve spent the last few months developing a brand new version of our popular hookah bar locator web application, which at present moment has seen better days.

The new app HookahLocal is for iPhone (sorry Android guys, we’re working on that next). We wanted to create an app that enabled Hookah lovers to be able to find the best hookah bars nearest to you based on the things that really matter to you.  This is our first version which enables users to see hookah bars that serve food/alcohol, the type of seating offered for smoking, as well as whether the location sells hookah supplies.

Many more features are currently in development.  At the moment we have the most up to date listing of hookah bars in the United States with more than 1300 hookah bars.  It’s a free app so download it today!

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