How to Make a Hookah: Witch Hookah makes a Homemade Hookah out of Housewares

hookah in water jugWell kind of…  I don’t know how I missed this product or whether it’s new or not but I’ve never seen it before and I am impressed yet skeptical.  The concept is simple but I can’t believe more people don’t do this.  I bet it’s big with the college crowd though…

I like this product for 3 reasons:

  1. Without being too cliche and using current popular culture buzzwords, this is an environmentally friendly way to smoke hookah.  With this product you’re actually recycling your old jugs of moonshine and bottles of Jack Daniels for use as your very own tacky but “green” hookah water pipe.  Leave it to us Americans to take the culture out of the hookah.
  2. I like the idea of being able to customize my hookah with whatever bottle I can find.  I would take pride in experimenting with different types of bottle shapes and bottle sizes.  It allows you to fit your hookah to personality or your living room.  I’m really interested to start seeing some pictures of what people have come up with using this product.  Please don’t hesitate to send them to me.
  3. I especially like this product because it’s dirt cheap.  It’s less than $15 to get your own Witch Hookah set up.  Thats a great deal especially if you’re new to hookah and dont want to commit to a nice one yet.  Check it out in our Store

I’ve read mixed reviews about how well the product works.  It apparently works better on plastic two liter bottles of soda rather than on glass bottles.  Though I’ve hard any leaks are easily sealed with electrical tape, which maybe ruins the whole point of having your own customizable piece of hookah art.

Another similar product I’ve heard about but its significantly more expensive is the HoboHookah.  In addition to the clever name, it looks promising but it’s less available out there.  HoboHookah does have a Hookah Gangbang video to it’s credit:

I’d love to hear your feedback about how these products work.

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