How to Blow Smoke Rings like a Pro

how to blow smoke ringsAnyone who’s been smoking hookah for a while knows how much easier it is to blow smoke rings than with alternative forms of tobacco smoking. The first image that likely comes to mind is the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland who puffs out letters like a sesame street segment. I havent learned how to spell with my smoke but hopefully after this article you’ll know how to blow an “O” or two “correcitically.”

Method 1: Let me clear my throat

  1. Make sure you’re not in a drafty environment with either a window, fan or vent blowing air throughout the room.  You need a still room to maximize your smoke ring potential.
  2. Prepare your hookah and make sure you have a good burn with thick smoke.  You can usually tell by how much smoke is filling up in the chamber (the space between the water line and the top of the shisha or glass).
  3. Relax and enjoy a few drags 🙂  This is actually a very important step.  It takes practice just like whistling but I firmly believe anyone can learn to do it.  I learned in my first few hookah sessions.
  4. Inhale deeply and try to keep as much smoke in your mouth as possible as well.
  5. Make one of the following faces:
    • Open your mouth while covering your teeth with your lips.  Its sort of like impersonating your granddad who has no teeth.  Don’t leave too much of an opening with your mouth but don’t make it too small.  You’ll find that if you can master step 6 the opening in your mouth wont matter much at all.
    • Or if you prefer you can experiment with a fish face or your “O” face.   A lot of people I see use this method, I found the first method works better for me though.  Would love to hear your comments on which you use.
  6. The next step requires a bit of practice to get it right.  Imagine you are trying to clear your throat or coughing very lightly.  Use that strategy to release a short pocket of breath.  Don’t be too concerned with how much breath you release, just focus on being able to control the opening and closing of your throat.  Make it very intentional short, light coughs from the back of the throat.
    • When you’re comfortable with that some people will also close their mouth just after the breath of air which helps to make your rings thicker.  Imagine this part as if you’re saying “OUW.”
  7. I recommend taking time to appreciate your form before quickly coughing up a cloud of perfect smoke rings.  Take time to appreciate one ring at a time and letting the smoke in front of your mouth clear away before trying your next one.
  8. You’ll know you did it right if you have pretty ring formed in front of you.  When you get good at it you’ll find you’re comfortable sending rings anywhere you want and even have them collide into each other.  You’ll be a regular rapid fire ringmaster.
  9. Be sure to show off to your friends as much as possible.

Method 2: Jawesome

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from above.
  2. This method does not use your lungs at all.  Take a nice big drag of smoke into your mouth and hold it there.
  3. Make your “O” face which is like whistling but with a larger opening.
  4. With your “O” face close your jaw so that the air that escapes, escapes through your mouth.
  5. This is a good method for good distance on your rings and but not as good for maintaining a thick solid form.

Smoke Ring Science

For some of you like me (science minded) it may help to understand the science of a smoke ring and then you’ll figure out on your own how to create the most successful method for producing them.  This was a great link I found for explaining how smoke rings form.  I also find it’s a good conversation starter around the hookah if you can explain why the smoke ring you’re blowing does what it does.  It’s a science lesson with live diagrams and demonstration.

5 thoughts on “How to Blow Smoke Rings like a Pro

  1. Hey man, my name’s samuel. I already blow rings, but i wanted to better them. Thanks for the help! I also wanted to say thay i blow rings a bit differently. I make an “o” face, but instead of tapping my cheek, coughing, or closing my jaw, i use my tongue. I bring it up and forward at the same time, very quickly, and bring back in the same way. This lets me still inhale, then exhale and pool smoke into my mouth. It also lets ne do multiple tricks without exhausting all my smoke from one drag.

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