Hookah Bar Directory is now Beta Testing! Feedback is Encouraged

hookah bar directory yellow pagesI know there’s a ton of hookah directories out there, which is exactly why we made ours the best one yet.

We have just released a beta version our brand spankin new hookah bar, lounge and cafe directory.  We’ve created it in such a way that it encourages reviews from YOU and the more you review the better it will serve YOU.

Here are some of the great features you can expect the directory:

  • It’s powered by Google Maps so you know it’s easy to use and powerful
  • We currently have a database of more than 500 hookah bars which is growing all the time.  We are still verifying locations so some listings may not be up to date but don’t worry we’re fixing that as you read this.
  • User submitted locations: If we are missing a location you can submit it right to the site so that the directory contains the latest reliable info for you.
  • User reviews and star ratings: each hookah bar has its own profile page that contains information about the location as well as comments and reviews submitted by none other than you.  Give some love to your favorite spots in your hometown.
  • Worldwide support:  Locations come from all over the world so you know where to go when you travel abroad.

We hope you enjoy our brand spankin new directory and please give us ample feedback on your thoughts, concerns, criticism and praise.


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